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Treatment Preparation


Ants & Roach Preparation

For ant and roach treatment as a customer, Daddy's pest control needs you to: 

1.  Remove all items from cabinets and drawers in kitchen and bathroom

2.  Place items on a table outside of the kitchen area

3.  Clean and Sanitize all cabinetry and all roach infest areas prior to treatment.

4.  If pest are seen in any other areas of the house remove your personal items from those areas( Closets, drawers, and linen..etc)

Rodent Preparation

For rodent treatment as a customer, Daddys pest Control needs you to:

1.  Sanitize  food areas, throw out old food.

2.  Remove food. dog droppings, and bird feeders in rodent areas to the trash.

3.  Tall grass, mature bushes, and ivy should be mowed

4.  Sealing gaps around pipes entering walls with 1/4 inch hardware sheet metal, concrete, or mortar (Daddy's Pest Control is able to do this as well with a fee upon inspection)

5.  Remove and discard ripe and fallen fruits and vegetables. 

6.  Clean and organize garage and storage buildings.

7.  Elevate stored items at leat 18 inches above ground from walls and fences.e4

Spiders Preparation

For a spider treatment as a customer, Daddy's Pest Control needs you to:

1.Pull the furniture away from the walls of your home. 

Flea Preparation

For flea treatment as a customer we would appreciate for you to do:

1.  Vacuum all rugs, carpets, and furniture. Seal and dispose of the vacuum bag in an outside receptacle.

2.  Clean. clear, and mop all floors, even closet floors. (if they have carpet, vacuum)

3.  Remove all pets for treatment. In the backyard or at a friends house up to 4 hours or until treatment is dry.

4.  Air pump should be off during treatment

5.  Wash or dispose of all pet bedding. 

6.  Mow your lawn and make sure pickup and put away all children's toys, pet food, and water dishes.

7.  Make sure to show your pest control technician where your pets rest, sleeps and eats.

For other pest treatment issues please call Daddy's Pest Control

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